Hungarian Chemistry Museum
Thury Castle
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Founded in 1961, after a few years of organization the museum was accomodated in the restored part of the Thury Castle, a medieval fortress, standing on the central square of the town Várpalota.
The main task of the museum is to search, collect, conservate, evaluate, and present the technical relics (objects, written documents, etc.) of the Hungarian chemical science, education and industry. As a result of the intensive collecting activity, the object collection consisted of 8100 pieces, 37200 documents of historical value, and 8700 photo negatives at the end of 1996. At the same time the stock of the library was over 16500 volumes.
Thury Castle
map Hungarian Chemistry Museum
(Magyar Vegyészeti Múzeum)
H-8081, Várpalota, Thury Castle
P.O.Box 39

The museum is open to visitors
between April 1 and November 1
from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except Mondays)

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