The Michael Polanyi Liberal Philosophical Association was presented with two audio tapes by Mars Hill Audio a few weeks ago. We enclose the cover of the tapes and the letter in which Andrew Witmer expresses thanks on behalf of MARS HILL AUDIO for our assistance. On the tapes we can hear the voices of Marjorie Grene, Richard Gelwick, Thomas Torrance, Martin Moleski, interviews with Noble Prize-winning chemist Dudley Herschbach, educator Steven Gerber, and master violin makers Peter and Wendy Moes. The tapes are available at the Archives of the Michael Polanyi Liberal Philosophical Association.

Editorial Board of Polanyiana

July 8, 1999

Dear Friends,

I'd like to thank you all for your gracious assistance in completing this project on Michael Polanyi. Please accept the enclosed complimentary copy as a small token of our gratitude.

It's been a wonderful privilege to spend time reading Prof. Polanyi's work and talking with so many of you who knew him well. You form a small but stalwart band!

I hope that you're all pleased with the final product. Please write or call with any comments.


Andrew Witmer Production Assistant

Tradition and Discovery Vol. XXV. No.3. 1998-99 wrote: 'Mars Hill Audio has just published, in July, 1999, a two and one half-hour program on two audio cassettes titled 'Tacit Knowing Truthful Knowing: The Life and Thought of Michael Polanyi'. Included are comments by Marjorie Grene, Richard Gelwick, Thomas Torrance, Ruel Tyson and Marty Moleski. This program is part of Mars Hill Audio Reports, a series of audio documentaries on significant figures and ideas. For information immediately contact Mars Hill Audio, P.O.Box 118, Quinque, Virginia 22965 or e-mail: A future issue of TAD will provide more details.

Though largely ignored, the work of research chemist-turned-philosopher Michael Polanyi (1891-1976) offers rich insight into the methods of science, the role of belief in all human knowing, and the important connections between knowledge and responsibility. TACIT KNOWING, TRUTHFUL KNOWING explores Michael Polanyi's criticisms of both objectivism and subjectivism, and his attempts to develop a more truthful understanding of how we know the world. His ideas are based on the belief that all knowledge is either tacit (silent and unspoken) or rooted in tacit knowledge. this two and one-half hour program (on two audio cassettes) features interviews with leading interpreters of Polanyi's thought including Marjorie Grene, Richard Gelwick, Thomas Torrance and Martin Moleski. Interviews with Nobel-Prize-winning chemist Dudley Herschbach, educator Steve Gerber, and master violin makers Peter and Wendy Moes along with readings from Michael Polanyi's books and correspondance, further illuminate his ideas.

This MARS HILL AUDIO REPORT was written and edited by Andrew Witmer, and produced by Ken Myers. Co-hosts are Kate Burke and Ken Myers. MARS HILL AUDIO REPORTS are a series of audio documentaries creatively exploring the ideas, trends, and significant figures that shape contemporary culture, telling their stories through studio interviews and field reporting. For more information about MARS HILL AUDIO and a catalog of other tapes, call 1.800.331.6407.

Polanyiana Volume 8, Number 12, 1999

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